HP Power Adapter Charger 65 W - DV2310ca

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Compatible with the following HP models:

2710 Notebook PC, 4410t Mobile Thin Client, 500 Notebook PC, 6520 Notebook PC, 6720 Notebook PC, EliteBook 2740p, Folio 13, G3000 Notebook PC, G5000 Notebook PC, G6000, G7000, Mini 311, NC4000, NC6000, NV4010NA, NW8200, NX4800, NX5000, NX7000, NX9020, Pavilion dm1-1000, Pavilion dm1-2000, Pavilion dm1-4310, Pavilion dm1z, Pavilion dm3-1000, Pavilion DM3-2000, Pavilion dm3t-1000, Pavilion DM3t-2000, Pavilion dm3z, Pavilion dm3z-1000, Pavilion DM3z-2000, Pavilion DV1000 Series, Pavilion DV2 Series, Pavilion DV2000 Series, Pavilion DV2700 Series, Pavilion DV2Z, Pavilion DV2Z-1100, Pavilion DV4000 Series, Pavilion DV5000 Series, Pavilion DV6000 Series, Pavilion DV8000 Series, Pavilion DV9200 Series, Pavilion DV9700 Series, Pavilion dx6000 Series, Pavilion EA351AV, Pavilion EM517AV, Pavilion EW434AV, Pavilion EW468AV, Pavilion EZ829AV, Pavilion GM738AV, Pavilion GS809UA, Pavilion KC321UA, Pavilion KC323UA, Pavilion KC440UA, Pavilion KK185UA, Pavilion KP035UA, Pavilion RD167AV, Pavilion RG369UA, Pavilion RG372UA, Pavilion RP284UA, Pavilion RX950AV, Pavilion TX1000 Series, Pavilion TX2000 Series, Pavilion ZE2000 Series, Pavilion ZE4900 Series, Pavilion ZT3000 Series, Pavilion ZT4000 Series, Special Edition L2000, Spectre Ultrabook 14t-3200, Spectre XT Ultrabook 13t-2100, Tablet PC TC100, Tablet PC TC1000, Tablet PC TC4200, TouchSmart tx2-1000 Series, TouchSmart tx2-1200 Series, TouchSmart tx2-1300 Series, TouchSmart TX2Z

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