Dell Inspiron 13 7378 2-in-1, 13.3-inch full HD TOUCH SCREEN, i7-7500 @2.70Ghz, 16GB, 256GB M.2, Win11

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Model: Dell Inspiron 13 7378 2-in-1


    • Processor: 7th generation Intel Core i7-7500 with a base clock speed of 2.70GHz
    • Memory: 16GB 
    • Storage: 256GB M.2
    • Operating System: Windows 11



    • Wireless Internet: The laptop supports Wi-Fi connectivity

    • Bluetooth: It is equipped with Bluetooth technology, enabling you to connect compatible devices such as wireless headphones, speakers, or mice wirelessly.

    • USB Ports

    • HDMI: The laptop includes an HDMI port, which allows you to connect it to external displays or projectors for presentations, multimedia playback, or extending your desktop workspace.

    • Audio Ports: It is equipped with audio ports, enabling you to connect headphones, external speakers, or microphones for audio input and output.

    • SD Card Reader: The laptop features an SD card reader, allowing you to conveniently transfer data from SD memory cards commonly used in cameras, smartphones, or other devices.

    Condition: Grade A: This laptop has been inspected and is in excellent condition. It may have cosmetic imperfections on the body, but these won't affect its functionality.


    • Charger


    Warranty: The laptop comes with a 60-day warranty of exchange. Please note that the battery and operating system are not included in the warranty. For further instructions, please refer to the Refund & Return Policy tab.

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